Choosing your Wedding Venue

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Finding the right venue for your wedding can be both fun and stressful – much like the institution of marriage itself. When chosen with careful planning and attention to detail it can make your entire wedding magical. However, a lackadaisical attitude can result in a wedding disaster – again, much like the institution of marriage itself! Other than the obvious factors of budget, size of the party, and wedding date there are a few other things that will influence your choice of wedding venue.

Keep in mind that there are basically two types of venue. Firstly, the kind that offers a complete package – a wedding venue, catering, decoration – the works. Hotels and clubs generally fall in this category. Alternatively, you can go for the second kind, where you just hire the venue. You will then need to organize your caterer and decorator separately.

You also need to decide whether you want the wedding to take place in a hotel, hall or religious place. Some communities require the wedding to be performed at the place of religious worship only, in which case the options are considerably narrower. You can then decide where you want the reception to be held.  Speaking of communities and religious restrictions, as backward as it may seem, a large number of South Asian communities actually let the groom’s side choose the wedding venue. The bride’s side hosts the event but they have no say in choice of wedding venue. Archaic perhaps, but true!

However, if you definitely don’t follow the older customs and plan to choose the venue yourself, a vital question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to have an indoor wedding or a wedding under the stars. The weather will play a vital role in this decision. Winters are a great time to have an outdoor wedding. However, your guests may not appreciate being soaked to the skin or sweating it out at your wedding. So indoors is always a better option during the monsoons and summer.

Theme weddings often determine the venue for the wedding for you. A beach wedding would hardly work at a temple now would it? So, if you are planning a theme wedding consult your party planner or wedding planner for venue options. Often professional wedding organizers will be able to offer you a great deal on a theme wedding that will include not only the venue but also the food, music and décor.

Another important aspect to look into will be the rules and restrictions that are imposed by venues you are considering. Some venues shut their kitchens at midnight, others will not allow loud music beyond a certain hour while yet others may need to turn off bright lights. Depending on any religious ceremonies that you may need to carry out, your list of possible wedding venues may need to be narrowed down.

With so many factors to consider, finding the perfect wedding venue may seem like a mammoth task but it isn’t. One simple rule will overshadow all other considerations – follow your heart and you can’t go wrong – like the institution of marriage!




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