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Sweethearts Cupcakery started up last year in response to a growing demand for special occasion cakes and cupcakes. Owned and run by Monique, a school teacher of twenty years, who from the age of nine, has had a love of home baking and challenged herself to constantly design and create new exciting recipes. She has developed her own versions of rich chocolate cakes and fruit cakes with spice or citrus tones. Monique’s family and friends have enjoyed the fruits of her labour for many years and encouraged her to set up her own business, and very quickly Sweethearts has become a very popular and busy place to be.
Speaking about her baking, Monique says it is a passion and a labour of love which has lasted over the decades and gives her immense satisfaction in presenting the finished product to her customers. ‘People love cakes,’ she says, ‘Cakes make everyone happy. And if it tastes as good as it looks, well what could be better to make a special occasion really memorable.’
Her new website ( offers many colourful ideas for birthday and wedding cakes. There are suggestions about which toppings would go best with which cake but of course the final decision always lies with the consumer. ‘I’m very flexible with my recipes,’ says Monique, ‘I can make almost anything the customer wants in any design or colour.’
Making a choice, however, can often be quite daunting especially for a three-tiered wedding cake. The decision whether to go for chocolate sponge or vanilla or coconut and lime can be very confusing because you want to please yourself and many other guests. So here are a few suggestions from Monique to make that choice a little easier.
• Make sure you have your themes and colours decided before you go cake shopping.
• Have some idea about your budget. Fondant handmade flowers can push the cost up but they look stunning.
• Consider the height of your venue. You may want a higher tiered cake for a big venue. Three tiers will serve up to 120 depending on size and you’ll need a five-tier cake for 200 or more guests. You can now have a ‘fake’ Styrofoam layer in your cake to keep costs down. No-one will know.
• Consider any allergies and let your baker know. Individual cupcakes are a great alternative for any guests with allergies.
• Go first for the flavour you would choose from a dessert table and ask for sample tasters.
• Consider any other flavours your family and friends would like (have a different flavour for every tier). Ask how many actual layers of cream and cake there will be in each cake and consider ombre colours to add that wow factor.
• Consider any undertones of flavours you like, for example orange or coffee goes very well with chocolate cake as does coconut with a lemon cake. Ask your baker for advice.
• Buttercream toppings are good with certain cakes like carrot or red velvet.
• Ganache topping is just a chocolate cream which has been made thicker to spread on a cake. You can choose between white, milk or dark chocolate ganache. Think about how it will look on your slice of cake. They all taste great. Cream and chocolate, what’s not to like? Again, you can have undertones of flavours in your ganache or buttercream.
• After the cake has been cut by the bride and groom and photographed, have someone ready to serve slices to the guests and remove the cakes from their tiers before you start slicing.
• Consider delivery coordination. Many cakes do not arrive fully assembled and need to be put together at your venue so allow time and space for delivery.
• Think about presentation. Many wedding bakers will offer decoration services and rental but make sure you know what you’re getting. Have some of your own decorations ready for the table. Check Pinterest for ideas. Use Led candles not flame.
• Finally, enjoy your cake. Don’t get so caught up in the event and photographs you forget to have your cake and eat it too.


Sweetheart Cupcakery can be contacted via her website at



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